The Game

The entire year led to this one game. For Michigan, a win would mean staying in the mix of the CFP and continuing their revenge tour. For Ohio State, the game was all about making a statement against their biggest rival and proving to the committee that they still deserve to be in the talks for playoffs. It was Michigan’s number 1 defense versus Ohio States number 2 offense. A game of the year candidate and a deciding factor in how the CFP will playout was a complete blowout. Ohio State dominated the entire game and of course, came out with a win yet again. Their focus going forward will be beating Northwestern easily and impressing the committee enough to put them in above Oklahoma. This is now their most important game of the season.

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A Week of Changes

This week in college football was definitely one of the most interesting and defining weeks of the season. Number 2 in the country, Georgia, lost to LSU by 20 with a 36-16 final score. This moves Ohio State to now number 2. With a rocky start against Minnesota, it seemed like a trap game but we pulled it out in the end. The college football playoff picture now looks very different. Ohio State, as long as they win out, are guaranteed a spot in the playoffs against most likely Clemson, Norte Dame, or LSU.

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Biggest Game of the Year

The Buckeyes had one of their hardest games on the entire schedule against the Nittany Lions of Penn State. Definitely the game with the most playoff implications going forward. Whoever won this game was most likely going to represent to the Big Ten East in the Big Ten title game.

The game started shaky, the offense wasn’t doing anything and the defense was letting Penn State drive. It was 13-0 with about 6 minutes left in the 2nd quarter and it already seemed like the game was over. Though after a great drive by Haskins, OSU scored with 2 minutes left in the 2nd quarter. Coming out of halftime it looked like OSU had momentum when we took the lead with a run from J.K Dobbins. After this though it was a different story, again OSU couldn’t move the ball and lost all momentum. Penn State put up two quick touchdowns and OSU was down 26-14.

Once again of course in the crazy flow of this game Ohio State came storming back with a huge 47-yard touchdown catch from Benjamin Victor. The defense stepped up and OSU got the ball right back, again looking the offense we had seen in previous games. After a huge drive by Haskins, he topped off this up and down thriller with a 24-yard touchdown that would end up being the game winner.

This game was definitely an instant classic and one of the games of the year. With the crazy up and down flow of the game, it all came down to who wanted it more in the 4th quarter. It was a great effort by a great rival. Any time OSU plays Penn State, you can always expect a great game.

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